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Edgewood is committed to providing the most effective, individualized, evidence-based treatment programs for addiction and concurrent mental health disorders. EHN Canada’s combined 100+ years of experience informs the design of our treatment programs. Our mission is to help people get better and teach them effective relapse-prevention skills for the real world. After our patients finish treatment, we like to stay in touch so that we can help support their successful long-term recovery.

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We take care of you

So you’ve relapsed. You're not alone. We'll help you get back in the game.  

Launch your recovery

Joel Hughes

Clinical Manager,
Edgewood Treatment Centre

Our programs include

Customized recovery reset plan to stabilize you and get you back on track

Addiction experts, nurses, and support counsellors there for you 24/7

Addressing mental, emotional, and physical health

Develop an effective long-term recovery plan to keep you on track in the real world

Online and in-person aftercare to fit your needs

Make a comeback from addiction

We can help you come back from relapse, stronger than ever. 

You've got this. Never give up.

Call us now. 

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Counsellors available 24/7

Individual and group therapy

Addiction specialist doctors

Psychiatric consultations

Nurses available 24/7

Relapse-prevention planning

Emotion regulation skills

Distress tolerance skills

Mindfulness skills

Nutrition & exercise education

Occupational therapy

Call us now, we're here to help


Make a comeback from addiction

  • Treatment programs based on science and research
  • Therapy plans we customize for your unique needs
  • Teaching you practical relapse-prevention skills
  • Always caring, supporting, and believing in you

We're Canada's largest addiction and mental health treatment network with over a century of combined experience. We know how to get people better.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy